Picture of the Day: Sikh delegates at the DNC

Sikhs have a significant presence at this week’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. It has been reported that 26 of California’s 700 convention delegates are Sikhs, including a set of twins from Stockton, California (home of the oldest Gurdwara in the United States). After Ishwar Singh’s historic invocation at the Republican National Convention last week, Sikh Americans are certainly seeing a growing presence in this year’s election cycle. The growing presence and participation of Sikhs in the political […]

Jusleen Kaur talks about attending the Democratic National Convention

Jusleen Kaur is a Sikh American and community activist who attended the Democratic National Convention earlier this month, working on the Specialty Media Team focusing on South Asia. She has graciously offered to document and share her experience. You can follow Jusleen on Twitter at @JusSodhi. Two weeks ago, I made the trip from our nation’s capital to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Charlotte, North Carolina. With each Obama bumper stickerthat I passed, I became more excited about what […]

More of the Sikhs at the Democratic National Convention

Sikh delegates at the Democratic National Convention are certainly getting noticed. Host Jon Stewart of the Comedy Central TV show “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” identifies the Sikhs in a segment that aired in last night’s episode: You can view “The Daily Show” segment here. Stephen Colbert, of the same network, also makes a mention on his show “The Colbert Report“: Click here to view Stephen Colbert’s segment. (More thanks to Karaminder Ghuman for the tips.)

CA Sikh delegate at Democratic National Convention speaks

Harpreet Sandhu, from northern California, is one of more than two dozen Sikh delegates from the state at the Democratic National Convention. He has been shown often by cameras during media coverage of the convention, and in this PBS Newshour video Harpreet Sandhu speaks about issues that are important to him and his family. (Thanks to Karaminder Ghuman for the tip.)