CA9 candidates respond to questionnaire on Sikh American-related issues

Co-blogged with Sundari Kaur of The Langar Hall Last week, in the context of the significance of California’s 9th Congressional District to Sikh Americans, we sent the major candidates of California’s 9th Congressional District — incumbent Representative Jerry McNerney and challenger Ricky Gill — a questionnaire to learn more about their positions about Sikh American-related issues (see previous post here). Both candidates responded. However, the nature of the responses received were quite different. Rep. Jerry McNerney’s campaign responded to the questionnaire […]

Surveying the candidates of California’s 9th Congressional District on Sikh American issues

Co-blogged with Sundari Kaur of The Langar Hall Of recent and recurring discussion on The Langar Hall and American Turban has been the election race in California’s 9th Congressional District (map). For Sikh Americans, this district’s race is significant. Located in northern California, the 9th Congressional District contains America’s oldest and one of its largest Sikh American communities. The oldest Gurdwara in the United States (which only a couple of weeks ago celebrated its centennial anniversary) is located in this […]

When a Sikh runs: the irony of California’s 9th Congressional District

Tonight, I attended the 100th Anniversary of the local Sikh temple in #Stockton. Congratulations to the community. It was an honor to attend — Jerry McNerney (@RepMcNerney) October 14, 2012 During last Saturday’s celebrations to celebrate the Centennial of the Stockton, California, Gurdwara, in addition to having the opportunity to listen to Ricky Gill (Republican candidate for California’s 9th Congressional District) speak, I also was interested to hear the congratulatory words offered to the Sikh community by Representative Jerry McNerney, […]

Why Indian Americans flock to the Democratic Party

A piece in First Post discusses why Indian Americans have been more supportive of President Obama and the Democratic Party rather than the Republican Party. Of particular note, the behavior of several prominent Republican Indian Americans within the Party itself is partly to blame: But Indian Americans take note of how Nikki Haley runs as far away as she can from her identity, brushing it aside with one obligatory “I am the proud daughter of Indian immigrants” line at the […]

How America’s political parties and Sikhs see each other

From the Sepia Mutiny Twitter feed, we are introduced to a study by the Arab American Institute entitled “The American Divide: How We View Arabs and Muslims” that compares the perceptions of Republicans and Democrats towards various ethnic and religious groups, including Arabs, Muslims, and Sikhs: The study highlights the disparity with which voters identifying with each political party view Sikhs, Muslims and Arabs: Of the 13 religious or ethnic groups included in the survey, only Sikhs had anywhere close […]

Sikhs 2012!

The first Sikh to serve as a Member of Congress in the United States, and indeed the first Asian American, was Dalip Singh Saund (pictured right) in 1957.  He served as a Congressman representing the Democratic Party in California’s 29th Congressional District until 1963. At the municipal level, it has already been documented on this blog that there have been three Sikhs who have recently held mayoral or head of city council positions across the United States.  However, with the […]

Contributions, Reprints, and Citations

Contributions The Langar Hall Huffington Post Reprints “Interfaith dialogue: Turning “us vs. them” into “Us”” — SikhNet, March 2, 2011. “Can Sikh Americans Replicate The Sikh Canadian Success Story?” — SikhChic, May 20, 2011. “D.C.’s National Gurdwara heading to the auction block” — SikhNet, August 18, 2011. “Bakersfield, CA and Amritsar, Punjab to become sister cities” — SikhNet, August 29, 2011. “One year later, Austin, Texas Gurdwara still fights to survive” — SikhNet, September 1, 2011. “Rick Santorum endorses profiling […]