A “nikki” footnote

Nikki Haley (formerly Nimrata Kaur Randhawa) will be noted in history as South Carolina’s first female Governor, and of Indian American descent to boot:

‘But what I want this to be is that we’re turning a page. We’re turning a page on where we’ve been, but the history is going to be on where we’re going to go.’

Indeed, she has turned the page on quite a few things. She has gone on public record to disassociate herself from her Indian – let alone Sikh – roots, presumably because these things are a hindrance to getting elected in a very white, very Christian constituency.  For Indians, and especially Sikhs, there is no victory here.

Not long ago, editorialist T. Sher Singh met Haley at a Sikh function where she was being honored.  Despite her recent pronouncements about her Christian faith, at that time she expressed her pride about being a Sikh (“out of respect for her parents”, perhaps?).  Singh is not impressed, and puts it well:

Instead of turning our guns at poor, weak, unprincipled Nikki – or our backs to her – we should concentrate on fighting this racial and religious bigotry that plagues America as pervasively as it does Hindu India, Muslim Pakistan, or the Jewish-Muslim Middle-East.

There is nothing to rejoice for us in Nikki’s election victory.

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