Enacting Sikhism for the environment

EcoSikh is an environmental program that, on behalf of Sikhs, seeks to benefit the environment:

‘The aim is to mobilise Sikh communities in India and elsewhere to develop practical solutions to today’s pressing environmental challenges in accordance with the teachings of the Sikh Gurus and also exchange ideas with faith communities around the world,’ said Dr. Rajwant Singh, SCORE chairman and convener of EcoSikh.

EcoSikh has recently added two individuals to its ranks: Ravneet Pal Singh and Bandana Kaur.  Incidentally, I attended a presentation earlier this year in which Kaur discussed her work and findings about the ecological history of and challenges facing Punjab in India (where Sikhs are from).  Her enthusiasm and interest in her work was very engaging.  These individuals can only be strong additions to EcoSikh’s work.

It is especially intriguing because traditionally while Sikhs have not had a focus on such issues in the past, EcoSikh takes inspiration from Sikh philosophy and history and goes steps further to enact a positive contribution to protecting the earth.

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