Kenneth Cole supports Sikhs

The Sikh Coalition has announced an arrangement with clothing designer/merchant Kenneth Cole whereby presenting this coupon at their stores will get you 20% off your purchase, and Kenneth Cole will also donate the equivalent of 20% of the purchase to the Sikh Coalition. This is a great opportunity to support the Coalition during this holiday/shopping season.

This isn’t the first time Kenneth Cole has associated themselves with Sikhs.  Back in 2008, the clothing chain featured a turban-wearing Sikh on their billboard ads as part of their campaign.

It seems to be part of their modus operandi to connect themselves to various causes:

Kenneth Cole has a history of provocative advertising, running ads promoting everything from AIDS awareness to helping homelessness. He designed T-shirts for World AIDS Day in 2005 and announced in 2006 he would stop selling fur in his clothing.

At the outset of their original “Sikh” campaign, many questioned whether it was a means for Kenneth Cole to draw attention to themselves, but this newly announced coupon program indicates that there was some sincerity behind the campaign.

The coupon expires on December 24.  Full details and the coupon are available here.


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