Fear the beard! (if you’re cold weather)

Anna, at sepiamutiny.com, writes about the Sikhs’ secret weapon against frigid weather:

So as I found myself filled with despair, that despite my 100% Desi genetics, I would never grow a beard of my own, the universe sent me an answer. The heavens parted, sunlight streamed down upon my Mac, angels trilled “AHHHHH!” and I clicked this link, which told me about BeardHead.com. Wot’s this? I can multi-task with my bearding? Not only can I copy one of my favorite people, thus grabbing some of his considerable skillz for myself, but I could keep WARM in this nasty, freezing weather, too? Sign me UP! Well, as soon as the Viking Combo is back in stock…

Once you go beard, you never go back.


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