TSA, USA cont’d

Alaska State Rep. Sharon Cissna (http://akdemocrats.org/rep_cissna/)

While last fall’s firestorm around TSA’s search procedures seems to have simmered down, one US politician recently took a stand against being patted down:

State Rep. Sharon Cissna will return to Juneau by ferry after declining to undergo a pat-down at a Seattle airport. Michelle Scannell, Cissna’s chief of staff, said that the TSA called for the pat-down because scanners showed Cissna had had a mastectomy. Scannell called the search “intrusive” but didn’t explicitly say why the lawmaker — who had already walked through a body scanner — would not participate.

Unfortunately, not a lot of people have a practical alternative to flying, and Sikhs have no choice but to face a pat-down 100% of the time.

Cissna’s account of the incident is available on her website.


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