Being all he can be: Spc. Simran Singh Lamba

Spc. Simran Singh Lamba

Spc. Simran Singh Lamba is currently training at Camp Bullis, TX. (

Simran Singh Lamba, one of the Sikhs who last year was granted an exemption to join the military while maintaining his uncut hair and beard, is now in training at Camp Bullis near San Antonio, Texas:

“The other soldiers are following their religion, and I’m doing the same thing,” Lamba said.

Lamba added the soldiers at his side treat him like any other soldier. “Anything happens, they’ll take care of me. Anything happens to them, I’ll take care of them,” Lamba said.

KSAT, a local TV station in San Antonio, Texas, recently profiled Simran Singh on their news show. Check out the video of that report here.


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