Ruling pending on diplomatic immunity for Kamal Nath from US trial

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 27JAN07 -Kamal Nath, Minist...

Kamal Nath (image via Wikipedia)

Yesterday, a preliminary hearing was held to determine whether Kamal Nath, an accused organizer of the anti-Sikh pogroms in November 1984 in India, would be granted diplomatic immunity from the civil trial proceeding in the United States.  The case is being pursued by Sikhs for Justice on behalf of surviving victims of the mass murder of thousands of Sikhs more than 25 years ago in India. 

The US Judge who is overseeing the case is now considering the issue of Nath’s immunity:

Judge Robert Sweet of the US Federal Court for the Southern District of New York heard arguments in the case against the Minister.

After hearing the arguments from both sides in a 45-minute long hearing, Sweet reserved his ruling.

“He is expected to announce his decision within 60 days”, [Sikhs for Justice Attorney Gurpatwant Pannun] told PTI.

For his part, Kamal Nath – currently a minister in India’s government – seems to be ignoring this trial, and has failed to provide representation in these proceedings or present any supporting documentation in defense of his claim of immunity. 

As justice for the victims of the great massacre of innocent Sikhs in November 1984 has long been denied by the Indian government and judiciary, Sikhs are watching these proceeding in the US with interest.  It seems the next development will be the judge’s decision in the next couple of months.


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