Long Island, NY Sikhs struggle with Gurdwara issues

After the Gurdwara in Plainview, New York was shut down due to code violations, Sikhs on Long Island can’t catch a break, as the second of three Gurdwaras there had also shut down earlier this summer:

After fire inspectors went to the Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar of Long Island in Hicksville, it was closed when town inspectors found a kitchen had been illegally installed in the basement and people were living there, [Oyster Bay spokesperson Phyllis Barry] said. The temple had no certificate of occupancy and no building permit to make renovations, she said.

Leaders of the temple declined to comment. Barry said the issue is in court, and that temple organizers had submitted plans to resolve the problems.

It’s disappointing that Sikh congregations on the Island are losing their places of worship due to lapses in management.  For those Sikhs, one of the three Gurdwaras remain – Gurdwara Glen Cove – as well as the services being held at a local synagogue to support of the Plainview, New York congregation.

Let’s hope there are lessons learned by other Gurdwara management groups to take building codes seriously.


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