Ensaaf’s “Cascade of Voices”: giving voice to the survivors of 1984 and beyond

Ensaaf (meaning “justice) – an organization that I mentioned in my last post, released a new advocacy video today about the survivors of abuses in Punjab during 1984 and beyond:

Our powerful new advocacy video, produced by the New Media Advocacy Project, showcases survivors’ determination to learn the true fate of their loved ones, as well as the continuing emotional and financial impact these abuses have had on families. Kashmir Singh’s son, Harjit Singh, was just one of the thousands of people disappeared or unlawfully killed by Indian security forces between 1984 and 1995. In the video, Kashmir Singh tells us: “My case has been highlighted before, but I’m asking you to bring even more attention to it. So that the government hears our voices . . . I’m asking you to tell this story to the world.”

Kudos to Ensaaf for their work to achieve justice for the victims and survivors of state-sponsored abuses in India.


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