Bollywood movie “I Am Singh” opens tomorrow

Opening tomorrow, “I Am Singh” is a Bollywood film that is based on the discrimination that Sikhs faced in the United States after 9/11:

This story is about a young Sikh named Ranveer Singh, a young, confident man settled in India. Ranveer’s elder brothers are citizens of America. Ranveer’s life takes a turn when he receives a call and he comes to know that one of his brothers is dead, his father is seriously injured and his other brother is missing. The cause of this is unknown.

After becoming frustrated with how Sikhs and Sikhism tended to be portrayed in mainstream Indian cinema, I’ve been alienated from Bollywood movies. Often, Sikhs and the Sikh identity were the object of ridicule or were misrepresented, and the use of “Sikh-face” is rampant.  As a result, I admittedly now have a bias against this genre and I tend to be reluctant to watch a Bollywood film that involves Sikh characters.

This film is one that I am interested in watching, because I’d like to see how a Bollywood film – made by and for Indians – will handle the topic of post-9/11 discrimination of Sikhs in America.

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