US Army soldier Kamaljeet Singh awarded Bronze Star

"Major Kalsi Receives Bronze Star Medal" (photo:

"Major Kalsi Receives Bronze Star Medal" (photo:

From the Sikh Coalition, we learn that Kamaljeet Singh Kalsi (who, last year, along with Tejdeep Singh Rattan successfully gained exemptions to serve in the US Army with their articles of faith intact), has been awarded the Bronze Star for his service in Afghanistan:

In support of the award, an official recommendation from Major Kalsi’s superiors cites his resuscitation back to life of two patients who were clinically dead on arrival; his “expert” emergency care of over 750 soldiers and civilians; coordination of 5 mass casualty exercises; and his general “commitment and leadership above and beyond that of his general duties.”

To his credit, Major Kalsi even set up camp-wide Internet access for over 200 soldiers at Camp Dwyer in Helmand, Afghanistan, where he was deployed. After his service, he was promoted from Captain to Major.

Congratulations, Kamaljeet Singh! When Sikhs lament the lack of Sikh role models, they needn’t look very far.


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