The Golden Temple: where the rich live

US Sikh organization SALDEF alerts us to an excerpt of Jay Leno’s opening monologue on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where Darbar Sahib (aka the Golden Temple) is depicted as Republican candidate for US President Mitt Romney’s home. I’m not sure if SALDEF was highlighting this in a positive or negative light.

Romney’s wealth and social status have been an issue in the campaign and he is often accused of being out of touch with much of America.  I’m not particularly offended that a picture of our central Gurdwara was used in this way, but I am uncomfortable with this reminder of our gold-adorned excesses as a faith group.



  1. Labh Singh Bhangu

    The Sikh community is very offended that showed the Golden Temple as Mitt Romney s summer home because it is a religious shrine and should be respected and not made fun of. NO religion should ever be made fun of. I am sure Jay leno is well aware of this. Jay Leno needs to apologize from all. and particularly the Sikh community..

  2. A_ito Singh

    This gives the totally wrong impression of what Sri Darbar Sahib is to the non-Sikhs watching the show. They do not know that it’s a historical gurdwara. It’s not a “summer house.” We spend so much time, effort and resources on our Sikh Awareness projects and events and Jay Leno here doesn’t explain anything.

  3. Iqbal Singh Josan

    Jay Leno needs to grow up and show some respect to other cultures. He should better keep his stupidity to himself, and not show it to rest of the world. In the modern day globalized world, where people are trying to understand other cultures more, it is a pity that Jay Leno is going backwards with his idiotic comments on his show. Shame on You Jay Leno!

  4. Uff! I think the point is that this is his second offense in our community. In 2007 he said our men wear diapers on their heads. Even if Leno is an idiot, don’t they have someone to research these things before airing it?

  5. He doesn’t say its a summer house. The joke is making fun of Mitt Romney, not the Gudwara.If you say this is offensive to Sikhs, then you are bringing Sikhism and other religions into disrepute. Again.


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