The top 10 reasons why Mitt Romney SHOULD make Darbar Sahib his summer home

Mitt Romney and Darbar Sahib (photo:

Mitt Romney and Darbar Sahib (photo:

Jay Leno was on to something.  Why would US Republican Candidate for President Mitt Romney want to make Sikhism’s religious center – Darbar Sahib (aka the Golden Temple), in Amritsar, India – his summer home? I can think of a few reasons:

10. It has its own pool. Feel free to take a dip!

9. It has its own free kitchen, open to all regardless of background.  Have a seat!

8. He’d understand why South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley looks brown.

7. Darbar Sahib is plated with gold. He believes that there is “gold in numbers”.    So many numbers!

6. He can serve food in the free kitchen and say he’s served thousands.

5. He would be in a place where everyone is treated equally and open to all. No class warfare.

4. The Golden Temple was founded in the 1600s by the Sikh Guru, Guru Arjun.  However, its foundation stone was laid by a Muslim saint.  So, Mitt could learn how to bring people together as a group.  You know, like Republicans and Democrats.

3. No one would care about what he did or didn’t do at Bain Capital.

2. He could take President Barack Obama to task for not going to Darbar Sahib in 2010 during his state visit to India.

1. Mitt could cover and protect his perfect hair.

Now, back to our regular programming.


  1. A_ito Singh

    “10. It has its own pool. Feel free to take a dip!”

    The sarovar is not a pool at all. It has different purposes.

    And the Darbar Sahib isn’t just a “summer home.”

  2. Jaspreet

    One more thing, If every Sikh was living his/her life as Mitt Romney (giving 10% of his life earnings to his church), Sikhism would be in much better shape.



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