Picture of the Day: MITPT next to POTUS

The Man in the Pink Turban: Navroop Mitter Stood Out Behind President Obama at White House Event (photo: abcnews.go.com)

The Man In The Pink Turban next to President Of The United States at White House event (photo: abcnews.go.com)

Navroop Mittar, an entrepreneur, was invited to stand behind President Obama at a White House event yesterday.  He went with a bold pink turban so that he might get noticed:

Mitter wore the pink turban, figuring he’d be lost in the back of the room, because it matched his tie and also because he hoped it would help him stand out.

“I had no idea I would be standing behind the president,” he said. “I said, Mom, you’ll be able to pick me out of the audience if the camera pans.”

As the saying goes: why try to fit in, when you were born to stand out?

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