1. I like this concept – The Weekly Beard! Also, I read your About page, and it was really inspiring. There are lots of us second generation Desis who are trying to figure out how to carry forward the best parts of our Indian culture while being true to our American selves.

    Still, it’s not so clear-cut as being 1/2 Desi and 1/2 American. We’re an indivisible mix of the two.

    It’s great to read other bloggers who are also trying to figure out what that mix really is.

    • Thanks for your comment! I also appreciate what you are accomplishing with your blog, iammoms.com. It definitely gives a voice to an experience that isn’t always heard in its context.

      I don’t know if there is an ideal mix, or what the final collective outcome of our diasporic journies is, but we are all walking on a similar path and so we can only benefit from dialogue. The more voices we can add, the more we can learn from each other so we can find the right medium for each of us.


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