More sculptures from Dr. Peter Bulow

Sculpture of Sikh by Peter Bulow (credit: Dr. Peter Bulow)

Sculpture of Sikh by Dr. Peter Bulow (source: Dr. Peter Bulow)

A recent “Picture of the Day” post on this blog showcased the artwork of Dr. Peter Bulow, who sculpts portraits of people he encounters while commuting on the subway in New York.

As luck would have it, Dr. Bulow commented on that post and provided interesting background:

I was born in India, in Rurkhela, Orissa, and though I have never been back to Orissa I feel drawn to India and to its people. After medical school I volunteered as an intern in a village in Maharashtra for ten months. It was a great experience, one that changed me in many ways. The Sikhs that I have encountered in New York seem posessed of an inner calm and dignity which I admire. I also admire the intricate windings of the turban which seems terribly complicated. I can’t figure out how it’s made.

In that comment, Dr. Bulow recounted the story behind sculpture of the Sikh that was posted as the Picture of the Day. He was good enough to send me additional photos of his artwork, displayed in the slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Many thanks to Dr. Bulow for sharing his amazing artwork. Dr. Bulow is also looking for the opportunity to do some artwork with the Indian community, particularly in New York.  He has lived in Jackson Heights for years and has started paintings of the neighborhood. He’s also interested in doing portraits of Sikhs in the area.  Please contact me if you are interested in facilitating such a project and I will put you in touch with Dr. Bulow.


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