New Orleans, LA Sikhs to hold second annual Nagar Kirtan this Sunday

2011 Nagar Kirtan in New Orleans, Louisiana (photo:

2011 Nagar Kirtan in New Orleans, Louisiana (photo:

The Sikh community in New Orleans, Louisiana will celebrate Vaisakhi with their second annual Nagar Kirtan – organized by the Sikh Society of Souththis Sunday:

Beginning from their temple, or gurdwara, at 8433 Morrison Road, they will parade along Morrison Road in both directions, between Crowder Boulevard and Bundy Road, said Navdeep Singh, president of the local association of Sikhs, the Sikh Society of the South.

The Sikh Society of South Gurdwara was rebuilt in 2007 after Hurricane Katrina damaged the original Gurdwara in 2005. An interesting story behind this Gurdwara is the recovery operation to salvage the Sikh scriptures before they could be damaged by the flooding caused by Katrina.


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