CA Workplace Religious Freedom bill passes second committee

Supporters of AB1964 at the State Capitol in Sacramento. (photo: | Sikh Coalition)

Supporters of AB1964 at the State Capitol in Sacramento. (photo: | Sikh Coalition)

The campaign to pass the Workplace Religious Freedom Act (AB1964) in the State of California cleared another milestone yesterday when it was unanimously approved by the California State Assembly Judiciary Committee. From the Sikh Coalition:

April 25, 2012 (Fremont, California) – Less than a week after receiving unanimous support in the Labor Committee in the California Assembly, the Workplace Religious Freedom Act (AB1964) again received unanimous support and passed through the Judiciary Committee. The bill now moves forward to the Appropriations Committee for another hearing in early May. If this bill becomes law, it will sharply reduce job discrimination against Sikhs and other religious minorities in California.

Kudos to the interfaith alliance of supporters of this bill, both organizations and community, in getting this far (see the Sikh Coalition’s testimony in front of the Judiciary Committee here). There is still a long way ahead to establish this bill as law, as AB1964 must next pass through the Appropriations Committee, be voted on by the State Assembly and if approved, go through this process again in the State Senate.  The further this bill proceeds through the process, the more challenges it will face, and as such, it is important to continue to support the effort to pass this bill in each step.

A full description of the legislative process in California is available on the California Legislative website.  To support the bill, contact your local California State Assemblymember and Senator via the Sikh Coalition’s petition.


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