The Weekly Beard! for May 21, 2012

This week, we have a pro-beard analysis from the “PhD in Facial Hair“. An excerpt:

An excerpt from "The PhD in Facial Hair" (source:


Much more beardly goodness is below. 

A PhD in Facial Hair
(Nod to @NavroopMitter. Created by Online PhD)

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One comment

  1. At the age of thirteen, I received a Norelco® three head electric shaver as a holiday gift. My mother hated beards. By the time I reached twenty, the blades were worn, and so I tossed it into the trash. Ever since then I have been bearded. Most of the twenty-eight years since, I have been long-faced and at times in the early 1990’s…ZZ-Topp long-faced. When it came to trimming, it was barber frustration when the whiskers would cause the blades of top quality scissors to deflect. There had been talk many times about the use of ‘hedge trimmers’. I have videos on YouTube® and during the five years of filming (2008-present), I sported beards of varying lengths (click on the username link to view the channel).

    In March 1994, I was returning from work in New York City and I stopped at a gas station in Palisades Park. No sooner did I roll down the window when I heard someone shout:


    I came out of the car looking around for the shouter. Everyone there was laughing and yes these were Desis. That was my first experience with Sardarji jokes…and I was the object of ridicule.

    I had my fill of assaults with fist fulls of beard hairs torn, mainly from emotionally disturbed co-workers. In 1991, I had one incident with a power tool (a drill). The drill choked. The unit was reversible and that saved some of the growth. That was the last time I did not tuck it in the shirt or use rubber bands when handling power tools.

    The last time trimming hairs was November 2012. From time to time, it leads to very interesting conversations, even ignorance reduction.


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