Pictures of the Day: Capital Sikhs – Washington, D.C & London, England

This past week provided an interesting reflection of the Sikh diaspora, as Sikhs on both sides of the Atlantic gathered in their respective capital cities to take up Sikh issues.

As mentioned yesterday, Sikhs from all over the United States attended the first ever White House briefing on Sikh civil rights in Washington, D.C. last Friday:

(source: Sikh Coalition)

(source: Sikh Coalition)

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, Sikhs in London, England came together in much grander scale this past weekend at Hyde Park to commemorate the June 1984 attack by the Indian Government on Sikhism’s holiest place of worship – Darbar Sahib (aka the Golden Temple):

(courtesy: Twitter user @PlymouthChaz)

(courtesy: Twitter user @PlymouthChaz)

What an inspiring show of activism by Sikhs around the world.


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