Reader: Why does the American Turban avatar look so angry?

The American Turban avatar

Too angry?

A reader writes:

Sat Sri Akal,

I love the rustic and historic look of the blog and thank you for highlighting Sikh American experience.  One suggestion if I may, can you please make the logo with a guy wearing stars and stripes turban a little more cheerful with a smiley face.  He just looks mean and angry like the character of jafar in disney movie “Aladin”.  Sikhs are usually cheerful as they stay in Chardi kala all of the times.

I sincerely appreciate the reader’s feedback. However, I always felt that man in the logo looked more determined and resolute rather than angry and mean. Maybe he’s smiling under the facial hair and we just can’t see it (I’ve often been accused of the same), or maybe he’s irked at my poor graphic design skills.

Regardless, I’ll see what I can do to make him more happy.


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