Explaining the things we wear on our heads

I was shocked. I wanted to give everyone in the elevator a high-five, but remembering I was in New York, I tried to play it cool. I put on my Denzel Washington face (the coolest person I could think of on the spot), and as I walked out of the elevator, I turned to the mother and whispered a soft “thank you.”

— At the Huffington Post, Simran Jeet Singh discusses a recent experience in an elevator when a child asked about his turban, and the opportunity this presents for us as Sikhs.

It’s not uncommon for Sikhs to receive these questions at random times especially from children (I’ve reflected on this as well).  In Simran Jeet’s case, it’s comforting to see that a parent also takes an interest in educating her child too.

We often forget that because of our appearance, we are always ambassadors of our faith. Sometimes, these opportunities to educate come to us instead of us trying to seek them out.


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