A writer reflects on her experiences with Sikhs

Photo still from American Made

Photo still from American Made

His metal bracelet caught the sun as he gestured toward a bearded, but much taller and quieter man wearing a powder blue turban. “My friend, Mohinder. And I am Cocky Singh. Tomorrow we will go on this adventure, shall we?” The Australian, my husband and I stood, mouths opened, our eyes darting like confused ping pong balls.

— In the wake of the August 5 shooting of Sikhs in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Cynthia Inman Graham reflects on her encounters with members of the Sikh faith. Read more in The Sandpaper.


  1. Cynthia Inman Graham

    Hello Rupinder, I am so honored that you read my essay. I never know, when I write, if someone out there reads. Thank you. Cynthia Inman Graham


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