Picture of the Day: “Love Your Sikh Neighbors”

Billboard in Oak Creek, WI, placed by Sojourners (source: Kaurista Facebook page)

Billboard in Oak Creek, WI, placed by Sojourners (source: Kaurista Facebook page)

The Christian organization “Sojourners” has placed billboard advertisements near sites of recent hate crimes against Sikhs and Muslims:

In light of the recent acts of violence and vandalism against religious minorities across the country, Sojourners is calling on Christians to stand up against the hatred. Starting today, a billboard and newspaper ad will appear in Joplin, Mo., home to a mosque that burned to the ground earlier this month after suffering two previous acts of arson. Both the ad and the billboard read simply, “Love Your Muslim Neighbors.” The billboard is five blocks from the mosque on the corner of W 7th Street & S Schifferdecker Street; the newspaper ad ran today in The Joplin Globe on Page A6. The second billboard has been erected three blocks from the gurudwara that was the recent target of a shooting that left six worshippers dead. The billboard reads, “Love Your Sikh Neighbors,” and sits on the corner of College Avenue and 13th Street in Oak Creek (to see a picture of the billboards and the ad, click HERE).

Such outreach by members of other faiths in the spirit of cohesion is very touching.


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