Editorial cartoonist Vishavjit Singh tells his story

(source: salon.com)

(source: salon.com)

Editorial cartoonist Vishavjit Singh (of Sikhtoons) writes about his experiences as a turban-wearing Sikh in America, and the events that led him to take up creating cartoons:

A real-life video game of targeting men with turbans and beards spread across the nation. Like every other Sikh man, my goal was to live my life without falling victim to ignorance. But that was a near impossible task. As flags went up on homes, cars and businesses in patriotic fervor, so did fingers raised in a new and hostile greeting toward me. Never before had so many strangers been compelled to call me names: Osama, Taliban, Raghead, Towelhead.

Read Vishavjit Singh’s entire compelling story at Salon.


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