Join the California Sikh Century Bike Ride

This Saturday, November 3, members of the Sikh community are participating in a 100-mile bike ride from Stockton to Yuba City, California, a day ahead of the Yuba City Nagar Kirtan on Sunday:

To commemorate the first Sikh Century in the US, a bike ride will take place from Stockton Gurdwara to Yuba City—the original support structure for a nation of immigrants to the largest gathering of Sikhs in the US at the annual Nagar Kirtan celebrations.It so happens that the route is 100 miles, known as a century in cycling. So, we will be completing a century to celebrate a century.A second group will leave from Davis, CA at 10:30 AM and meet up with the rest in Sacramento (Discovery Park).

This unprecedented event looks like a lot of fun. More information is available at the Sikh Century Bike Ride Facebook page.


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