San Jose, CA, City Council to recognize Sikh Awareness Month

San Jose, California, city logoIn the footsteps of the California state government, the City Council of San Jose, California will officially recognize November as “Sikh Awareness Month” in the city. The proclamation will take place during a public ceremony on Tuesday at San Jose’s City Hall:

Historic Event: Proclamation of Sikh Awareness Month in San Jose City

1:25 November 6th, 

Council Chambers of City Hall, San Jose

Your attendance is requested at the Historic Event Proclamation of Sikh Awareness Month in San Jose by Councilmember Ash Kalra, and San Jose City Councilmembers on Nov 6th.

After the attack on Wisconsin Gurdwara, and the history of hate crimes in Bay Area, this historic event that will support and continue the efforts of the Sikh Community and Organizations working to create awareness and a more educated society for our Sikhs to live in safely, and securely. There is much work to be done, still.  Starting with the public officials is on big step forward.

The presence of strong Sangat will encourage officials to become aware and set a precedent for others to follow.  The council members will have to acknowledge Sikhs, and take this as a call-to-action. It will encourage them and their organizations to get educated about Sikhs, and support their communities and districts to do so as well. This will set a precedent for other cities to follow.

Show your support and represent.

*RSVP For Reception & Ceremony at reception.

*RSVP For Ceremony only at


  • 12:30 PM Welcome Reception: Meet and Greet with Press and Council Members
  • ***1:25 pm All should be seated in Council Chambers. Doors will close. (The proclamation is only 10 minutes long.)
  • 1:30 – 2:15 pm Council Meeting Begins Promptly. Somewhere between this period, Proclamation of Sikh Awareness Month is presented to the Sikh Community. Members from Academia, Khalsa School, San Jose Gurdwara, Professionals, and Sikh Coalition, and SALDEF  will receive the proclamation on behalf of the community.

See below for directions and parking information.

*********Directions to City Hall are:

Once inside the garage, people should do the following:

IF ATTENDING THE RECEPTION: drive to the far end of the garage which will be marked with green signs stating “Wing”. Take the green elevator to the 1st floor, and once on the 1st floor, the event will be in Wing Room 118-119. A sign will be visible once guests exit the elevator.

IF ONLY ATTENDING THE COUNCIL CEREMONY: drive to the middle portion of the garage marked with orange signs saying “Rotunda and Council Chamber”. Take the orange elevator to the 2nd Floor. The entrance to Council Chambers will be obvious once guests exit the elevator.
Once inside the parking garage, follow the signs to “Council Chambers” and take the elevator. The public entrance to the Council Chambers is on the 2nd floor.

Parking tickets can be validated at the back of the Council Chambers.

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