Second man arrested in Yuba City, CA, Gurdwara riot

After the violence ten days ago at a Gurdwara in Yuba City, California, in which a director of the Gurdwara was arrested, Sutter County police have announced that a second man has been arrested :

Parminder Kooner, 47, turned himself in to the Sutter County Sheriff’s Department for having stabbed Ajaib Malhi, 30, in the back during the fight. Kooner will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon, according to Capt. Lewis McElfresh.

Reports indicate that up to 100 people were involved in the brawl outside the Gurdwara after a board meeting. The management of the Gurdwara has been plagued by a conflict between factions seeking control of the house of worship.

The conflict playing out in courts and the judicial process around the politics is made even more tragic given the backdrop of the large Sikh Parade held earlier this month in that city, and for the recognition that the Gurdwara has received in supporting its community:

For the fifth year, the American Red Cross of Northeastern California was invited by the Tierra Buena Sikh Temple to join them during their three-day event and parade.

Students from River Valley High School Red Cross Club and Red Cross volunteers walked the temple grounds and the parade. By the end of the three days, they collected $14,887.24.

It is unfortunate that the good that this congregation does for its city has been tarnished by the small minds sitting atop selfish ambition.

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