NY Sikhs respond during Hurricane Sandy

"Sikh Community Center volunteers serving hot meals in the Far Rockaways, via AP." (source: Gawker)

“Sikh Community Center volunteers serving hot meals in the Far Rockaways, via AP.” (source: Gawker)

The BBC provides a listen on the response by New York’s Sikh community in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy:

The group United Sikhs has been coordinating storm relief activities with various city agencies to identify areas of greatest need, and they have been cooking and distributing up to 1,500 meals a day. [Volunteer Jagjit] Singh says the Sikhs were among the first group to bring hot meals into hard hit Far Rockaway in Queens.

The efforts by the local Sikh community has not gone unnoticed:

Anthony DeCarlo is a police detective who’s been volunteering here. His home was also damaged in the storm, and he has nothing but praise for Sikhs. “Considering how persecuted they are as a community and a religion, to pull together, it’s not about color, it’s not about religion, it’s all about helping humanity. It’s a good thing.”

Listen to the entire story on the BBC website. More information about United Sikhs’ humanitarian efforts in response to the storm is available at the United Sikhs website.


  1. Tej Kaur

    “The Red Cross is quickly becoming the villain because it has been invisible. It’s a bad sign for the world that Occupy Wall Street and a Sikh group from Queens are doing a better job at distributing hot food than the largest international relief group in the world… Maybe the Sikhs and Occupy Wall Street should be put in charge of our electricity when this is all said and done.”


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