Kuldip Kaur Bindra, after whom Sikh studies chair is named, passes away

Portrait of Kuldip Kaur Bindra by artist Manu Saluja

Portrait of Kuldip Kaur Bindra by artist Manu Saluja (source: manusaluja.com)

Rediff News published an obituary today in honor of recently-passed Kuldip Kaur Bindra, the matriarch of the Bindra family and after whom Hoftstra University’s Chair in Sikh Studies was named:

“I remember when I was younger,” [grand-daughter] Sumeet added, “I would almost every night, go upstairs to her bedroom to play cards with both daddy and Biji, We used to play the game Bluff a lot and without fail Biji would always win. And she would smirk and she convinced me that in order to beat her one day, I had to keep studying in school to get as smart as her.”

“Studying and hard work are some of the values she instilled in all of us, as well as always being truthful, determined, doing seva and taking care of one another.”

Read more at Rediff News.


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