The challenges of dating while Sikh

A turban-wearing and bearded Sikh on the UK dating show "Take Me Out" (source: YouTube)

A turban-wearing and bearded Sikh on the UK dating show “Take Me Out” (source: YouTube)

On The Langar Hall, blogger Brooklynwala discusses the aftermath of a Sikh’s appearance on a dating show called “Take Me Out” in the UK, and the struggles for Sikhs in dating while wearing a turban and uncut hair:

One caller named Jasminder asserts that when Param came down, it became more like a comedy show and less like a dating show given how the women and audience reacted.  He continues that turban-wearing men often feel invisible to women, not literally, but “when it comes to actually going out with someone.”

Read more at The Langar Hall.


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  2. face hair is awesome, but is only part of the equation. if u have a guy who watches porn, uses facebook, has a list of ex gfs/wives/crushes, dated a western girl or had feelings for one, or anything like that, that means nothing. all his physical beauty is crossed out by his immorality and refusal to respect morals and his culture. now take a singh who keeps very strict morals, keeps to his culture, and keeps his face hair, then that dear is perfection.


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