Centenarian marathon runner Fauja Singh to retire

Fauja Singh (ABC News)

Fauja Singh (ABC News)

The world’s oldest marathon runner at age 101, Fauja Singh of the United Kingdom has announced that he will run his last marathon in Hong Kong at the end of this month:

“He said he achieved this through the help of God, but even God must be getting fed up with helping him,” [coach] Harmander Singh said.

While Singh won’t be competing anymore, he doesn’t plan on completely giving up on the sport. Instead Singh is planning on a lighter daily routine, just eight to nine miles of running a day.

After personal tragedies, Fauja Singh took up running late in life and became an inspiration to Sikhs and non-Sikhs around the world. I had the opportunity to meet Fauja Singh at the SikhLens Film Festival in Los Angeles, California last November. His athletic achievements are inspiring, and especially so given his sense of humor, zeal, and positive outlook in life.

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