Houston, TX, Sikhs host “Dinner Dialogues” for interfaith outreach

"Discussions over the dinner table at Bobby and Jasmeeta Singh’s home." (source: Indo American News)

“Discussions over the dinner table at Bobby and Jasmeeta Singh’s home.” (source: Indo American News)

In Houston, Texas, the InterFaith Ministries for Greater Houston organized a series of “dinner dialogues” in which members of Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh families invite members of the public into their homes for dinner and engage in a moderated interfaith conversation:

…the dinner dialogues will focus on conversations held in  private homes where groups of 8-12 Houstonians will gather to learn about the faith practices and traditions of Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist families here in Houston and engage in an interactive interfaith dialogue here in Houston while sharing a vegetarian meal.

One such Dinner Dialogue was held in the home of Houston’s Bobby and Jasmeeta Singh, who shared their experience after hosting a dinner two weeks ago (via Indo American News):

“It was a pleasure to host one of the dinner dialogue series at our residence,” said Bobby. “We thank IMGH for building bridges in our communities and facilitating the sharing of our beliefs. Jasmeeta and I believe we can chip away at ignorance by engaging all Houstonians in such faith-based exchange.”

Recent studies have shown that people have higher regard of other communities with whom they are familiar, and so this means of engagement is certainly noteworthy. Kudos to the Sikh, Hindu, and Buddhist families who have opened their homes to their communities to foster positive relationships.

Read more about this innovative program at Indo American News. More information about Dinner Dialogues is available at the InterFaith Ministries for Greater Houston website.

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