Addressing domestic terrorism needs renewed focus

Surge in Hate Groups (source: Dayton Daily News)

“Surge in Hate Groups” (source: Dayton Daily News)

An article in the Dayton Daily News discusses white supremacist gangs in Ohio’s state prisons, and how that plague is now being seen outside of the prison system as well:

“These guys are no joke,” said Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. “This isn’t a club. These are tough, hard-core criminals. They’re nasty and we have to take them deadly seriously.”

After recent violence in Texas and Colorado that has allegedly been at the hands of white supremacists, the issue of such domestic extremism is gaining broader attention. However, in a separate article on The Huffington Post, SpearIt, who is a uniquely named professor at Saint Louis University School of Law, contrasts perception and reality with respect to violence perpetrated by domestic Islamic extremism and the white supremacy movement:

Despite the documented dangers posed by white supremacist groups, debates about violent extremism have been largely dominated by a focus on Islam. Indeed, there have been multiple congressional hearings about Muslim radicalization, yet, recent studies indicate that domestic or so-called “homegrown” terrorism by Muslim-Americans has dropped for the third straight year.

While the piece does not mention the mass murder by a white supremacist of six Sikhs in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, last August, the threat posed by such groups is not news to Sikh Americans who have been victims of shootings and other violence over the past several years across the country by those who subscribe to racist ideology. The recent slayings in Texas and Colorado continue to demonstrate that the threat posed by such domestic extremist groups is growing, and yet it has not been adequately addressed at official levels.

Read the full article by SpearIt at The Huffington Post.


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