Social media as a tool for the movement, not as the movement

Cartoon: "Click here to save the world" (source: Gwangju Blog)

(source: Gwangju Blog)

On the Amnesty International USA blog, Natalie Butz discusses the value of online/social media activism to their campaigns:

Online actions aren’t promoting “slacktivism,” particularly when they complement and are reinforced by the power of Amnesty’s grassroots campaigning. They are just one of the tools we can use to help us in our fight for human rights.

The promotion of causes through social media is often held to scrutiny because, beyond the click of a mouse, it is difficult to see where tangible results are achieved. The distinction, then, must be made between social media as existing as a tool for a campaign versus existing as the movement itself. Indeed, such criticisms befell the BeProud Movement that was born in the wake of the Oak Creek, Wisconsin, massacre last August.

Read the full Amnesty International article here.

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