CA Senate and Assembly call for post-secondary education about Sikh Americans

Assembly Member Dan Logue (second from right) presents ACR-20 to Sikhs in Yuba City, California. (source: News East West)

Assembly Member Dan Logue (second from right) presents ACR-20 to Sikhs in Yuba City, California. (source: News East West)

In February, California State Assembly Member Dan Logue introduced a resolution entitled ACR-20: Postsecondary education: instruction in world religions: Sikhism which called for Sikhism to be included in world religion courses at California’s public post-secondary institutions. The resolution was cosponsored by Assembly Member Henry Perea. While non-binding, the resolution seeks to raise awareness about Sikh Americans.

After it was passed by the State Assembly in March, Assembly Member Logue’s office announced yesterday that the State Senate has also passed the resolution, putting both  “the Senate and Assembly on record calling on the University of California, California State University, and California Community systems to include Sikhism in their various world religion classes.”

Assembly Member Logue represents California’s 3rd Assembly District which includes Yuba City, home to a sizable Sikh population:

“I am pleased that my colleagues in both the Senate and Assembly have joined me in supporting ACR 20,” said Logue. “Sikhism is the world’s fifth largest religion, and deserves equal attention in the UC and CSU curriculum.”

Read the full press release from Assembly Member Dan Logue’s office here. The full text of ACR-20 is here.


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  3. What if these “academics” teaching these courses don’t do the right job portraying the faith? What if they don’t recognize it as it is,as an independent faith, and portray it completely wrong? If that’s the case, will this do more harm than good?

  4. Daljit Singh Sandhu

    That’s a great 👍 move to be known to Great-😇AMERICANS,
    As SIKHS are known to be “BORN & DEDICATED WARRIORS” as proved in World-War 1st & 2nd By Historian Sardar Bhupinder singh Holland in his Two History Books. SIKH SOLDIER’s STATUS & MONUMENTS have been Established in ENGLAND & BELGIUM 🇧🇪


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