Washington, DC’s National Gurdwara to reopen

The "National Gurdwara" on Embassy Row in Washington, D.C. (source: Panoramio)

The “National Gurdwara” on Embassy Row in Washington, D.C. (source: Panoramio)

The Sikh News Network is reporting that the National Gurdwara, the ill-fated Sikh house of worship located prominently in Washington, D.C.’s “Embassy Row”, will be reopening under new ownership after it was formally closed last year due to financial issues for several years.

The closing of this Gurdwara in such a prominent location came to the dismay of many in the Sikh community. After several parties expressed interest, the Gurdwara has been purchased by the Jaswant Sawhney Irrevocable Charitable Trust, a Maryland-based public charity supporting Pingalwara in Punjab, India, a “charitable home for the mentally challenged, aged, incurably sick and destitute”:

The gurdwara will be run by Gurmat tradition, [Trustee Daljit Singh] said. “We hope it becomes an example of how to run a gurdwara very well.”

The National Gurdwara is reportedly to be renamed and will also serve as the international headquarters for the Trust.

Read more here.


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