What do social studies textbooks say about Sikhism?

"Classroom Illustration  in 'Royal Falcon' by Jessi Kaur. Photo © Courtesy IIGS Inc." (Source: sikhism.about.com)

“Classroom Illustration in ‘Royal Falcon’ by Jessi Kaur. Photo © Courtesy IIGS Inc.” (Source: sikhism.about.com)

The Sikh Coalition is surveying the content of social studies textbooks used in K-12 curricula across the country for representations of Sikhism or the Sikh people. To that end, they have asked for public assistance in completing this inventory:

…we are asking you to look through your child’s social studies textbook and find any mention of Sikhs or Sikhism. It does not matter if the information is true or false. We want to know EVERY mention of Sikhs in these books. Then, click here and fill out this form. It is very important that you attach scans of each page that has information on Sikhs or Sikhism. Don’t have a scanner? No problem! You can also take pictures of the pages and upload those images as well.

Find out more and submit your excerpts here.


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