Writer Zahir Janmohamed on being one of color

Zahir Janmohamed. (Source: ZahirJanmohamed.com)

Zahir Janmohamed. (Source: ZahirJanmohamed.com)

In Guernica, writer Zahir Janmohamed reflects on being a writer of color (via the blog Love, Inshallah):

I wanted to say I am not a political writer. My life has never been political, but sometimes, like that one time when I was dressed in my swim trunks and flip flops and flew to Miami with my friends and a TSA agent pulled me aside and questioned me about the nature of “my business in the U.S.,” well, then the story of my life is made “political.”

Janmohamed (who bore witness to the 2002 anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat, India) also relays his experiences working with white writers and their expectations of him and his writing. Read his entire article at Guernica.


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