Defining “home”: soil versus soul

In this TED Talk delivered in Edinburgh, Scotland in June, writer Pico Iyer reflects on the meaning of “home” for people who are from diasporic communities:

220 million people live in a country that is not their own. Younger generations often find themselves influenced by overlapping waves of cultures  — they have connections to the cultures of their parents (which are often different) and the cultures of their spouse. At the same time, they have their own connections to where they’ve lived and they’re also influenced by the places that they’ve loved in their travels — the locales that have shaken them out of their assumptions of how things are done and shown them the “secrets patterns of the world.”

On listening to his lecture, I was reminded of the trailer from the with WINGS and ROOTS project entitled “Where are you from from?” in which several people from immigrant communities spoke about their experiences in defining their own identities:

It is interesting question for those of us who carry multiple heritages. As one study pointed out, those who are second generation immigrants tend to hold tighter their family’s original culture, while embracing their land of residence.


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