Sikh Research Institute provides Sikh educational resources

Based in New Jersey, the Sikh Research Institute has made its Sojhi program available for free download, which includes over 150 lesson plans for teaching Sikh-related language and history/culture to students in the kindergarten through second grade levels. Professionally constructed and comprehensive, the curricula are excellent resources that provide thorough instructions for teachers and parents, and are designed with schools in mind:

Khalsa schools and parents worldwide are encouraged to try out portions of this curriculum in their classrooms and homes. “Putting the Sojhi curriculum and teaching resources online to be utilized by educators around the world is a critical step in strengthening our communities through access to high quality Sikh educational content,” said Kulvir Singh, SikhRI’s board member who leads the programs committee.

The lesson plans can be downloaded individually or collectively at the Sikh Educators Network website at


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