Are we heading towards a Sikh renaissance?

Elderly Sikhs writing. (Source: SikhNet)

Elderly Sikhs writing. (Source: SikhNet)

On SikhNet, Dr. I.J. Singh and Guruka Singh survey the Sikh voice across its diaspora with a comprehensive inventory of bloggers, scholars and authors, but also look to the future of that voice:

…in North America, a land with less than 300 years as a nation and a fickle memory, we Sikhs have a relatively formidable history; for instance, Sikh workers helped build the Panama Canal in 1903-04.  But effectively as a community here we are only about 40 years old.  We really are the new kids on the block.

Yet, time never stands still.  The last half century has caught us in a revolution and we are a-swirl in it; we’ve got the tiger by the tail.

The essay is a worthy read (and it is humbling that this blog was given mention) in the remarkable and inspiring demonstration of Sikh thought and scholarship that has emerged in our recent history and particularly in the diaspora. If we include the apparent surge of Sikh works beyond non-fiction, journalism and scholarship to the increasing activity in literature, music and visual arts, one may develop a sense that  — and which I believe — we are observing the sprouting of a Sikh renaissance.

Read more at SikhNet.


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