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Sikh Motorcycle Club. (Source: Reddit)

Sikh Motorcycle Club. (Source: Reddit)

On to the front page of the website Reddit today was a well-circulated photo of the Sikh Motorcycle Club in British Columbia, Canada. Said one commenter:

“They love traveling down Route Sikh-y Sikhs.”

After the incident on Reddit last year in which a Sikh woman turned an attempt at mockery into an inspiring moment of education, it’s nice to see something about Sikhs appear on the website that is a little more light-hearted.

See the Sikh Motorcycle Club website for more information.

(Nod to @Karaminder for the link.)


  1. Upon visiting the Reddit posting, I could not help but to chuckle by reason of all the wordplay. One pun after another like someone thrusting his elbow into my gut in jest, jab, jab, jab… Then it came to me: Pun…jab [cue groaning]. I’m surprised that no one punned about where they fueled their vehicles (e.g. Phillips 66).

    On a more serious note, the idea of “motorcycle as steel horse” is well established in American culture. It is my firm belief that not only would it be a point of contact to educate the American public, but also it may serve to clean up the image of motorcycle culture in general. To those who think that biker culture needs to be 1% vehicle and 99% kurehit would be in for a rather pleasant surprise.


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