Going to the turban shop

When I was young, one of my Saturday morning pastimes was to browse through the morning newspaper to sketch turbans, mustaches and beards on to the photos in the comics, stories and advertisements (if the poorly designed logo for this blog is any indication, it clearly still is a hobby), providing our newspaper with a more Sikh-related flavor. I would only vandalize our paper after my father had finished reading it, of course.

Today, as newspapers are disappearing, perhaps this pastime is also destined to be lost to the hands of time. However, the addition of Sikh flavor is finding its place in digital content. In the video below, Columbia Style (composed of two students at Columbia University in New York) parodies the rap song “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, with their version entitled “Turban Shop.”

Behold, and enjoy:


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