1984 Living History Project to launch “Reclaim the Flames” campaign

The 1984 Living History Project, a grassroots initiative that is creating a video archive of testimonials and experiences related to the events of 1984 in India, is embarking on a campaign in November called “Reclaim the Flames” (#ReclaimtheFlames):

Thanks to the participation of volunteers and sangats around the world during this thirtieth anniversary year of 1984, #1984LivingHistory Project has collected powerful and diverse videos. Beyond the known facts of November 1984, what else do these accounts tell us? What else can we learn?

View the video and help us spread the word!  Please forward this email to 5 friends asking them to sign up today at http://www.1984livinghistory.org/join-mailing-list/ to join this month of critical thinking, re-learning, and re-grouping about 1984.

As we embark on the 30th anniversary of the anti-Sikh pogrom in India, view the Project’s website at http://www.1984livinghistory.org.


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