How does Obama disappoint the Sikhs? Let us count the ways.

Ms. Kaur stated, “For the widows and survivors there is no difference between the Indian government who has been denying justice to the Sikhs for the past twenty six years and the Obamas who ignored their pleas.”

It seems Obama can’t catch a break when it comes to disappointing the Sikhs during his trip to India.  First, he wouldn’t visit the Golden Temple, allegedly to avoid muslimish optics. Then, the TSA turban-screening announcement hit just as he was in India.  Now, survivors of the Sikh genocide by the Indian government in 1984 are disappointed that the Obamas ignored them.

Sikhs around the world are still desperate for any kind of justice to prevail related to that massacre. It’s unfortunate that Obama made no attempt to even acknowledge these worst of abuses directed at the Sikhs and the lack of justice they have received decades since.

At the same time, people expect too much of Obama, and that is something that has plagued him among many audiences. It also doesn’t say much about a people’s faith in their own government (i.e. Indian Sikhs in the Indian government) when they are hoping that a foreign head of state can help procure justice for them in their own.


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