The included have become the inclusive

Like many Sikh communities around the United States, the Sikhs around Redding, California are having a parade to celebrate the birth of Guru Nanak (born 1469), the founder of Sikhism. It’s not only Sikhs who are taking part in this parade, however:

For the first time, the parade will include Native American drummers and dancers from the Local Indians for Education center in Shasta Lake.

Center Director Rod Lindsay said he felt it was important to participate in the event to promote cultural diversity.

“The bottom line is the sharing of the cultures,” Lindsay said.

Quite often, Sikhs have tried to reach out to the broader American community by participating in community events, such as Thanksgiving or Veteran’s Day parades. It’s nice to see Sikhs providing that opportunity to other ethnic/religious groups in our own events as well, in a practical expression of the teachings of Sikhism’s founder.


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