“Outsourced” out?

According to Time Magazine, the NBC’s new sitcom Outsourced was one of the ten worst TV shows in 2010:

The idea–naive American middle manager is shipped to India to manage a call center–had all the makings of a, ingenious, timely sitcom about culture clashes and the new global economy. Outsourced, which decided to go the funny-accents and food-poisoning-jokes route instead, was not that comedy.

Outsourced received a lot of attention in Sikh circles because on its cast was a Sikh actor, Guru Singh, who played a minor role on the show.  For the first time, we saw a Sikh with a turban and beard regularly in an American comedy series.

However, despite this great achievement, things aren’t looking so great for the future of Outsourced.  Personally, I didn’t enjoy it enough to feel compelled to watch it again and reviews of the show haven’t been particularly great. So, I wonder if it’s a matter of time for the show. 

The show that did do a good job with the American-among-Indians scenario – at least for one scene – was NBC’s 30 Rock. The episode called “College” (Season 5, Episode 8) handles this situation well and it’s a pretty funny scene, even among reviewers.

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